Aluminum facilities bring their own unique and individualized challenges, especially when it comes to temperature. The goal for any extruder, for example, is to maximize throughput while maintaining quality products. Increased throughput means that each press can produce more products and be more profitable and time efficient. Temperature control is a critical component of the extrusion process. Running the presses based off of temperature control will allow the customer to maximize their press efficiency while also completely eliminating temperature-related quality defects.

Aluminum is a non-greybody material that has complex emissivity characteristics that vary with alloy, surface roughness and oxidation, making it a particularly difficult material to measure with ordinary infrared pyrometers. Using the right pyrometer allows for maximized speed, while maintaining the quality of the aluminum. K&M pyrometers, with built in algorithms, allow these temperature challenges to be overcome, achieving accurate and repeatable temperature measurements at multiple points during the extrusion process.




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